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B2B Trade Solutions in China and Vietnam

We specialize in B2B solutions in Vietnam and China for companies operating both locally and internationally in these markets. We bring over fifteen years of expertise in international commerce, providing comprehensive services that include market and product research, logistics support, local representation, advanced visual marketing material and services, and factory audits and quality control. Whether you’re based in Asia or expanding your operations here, we streamline the process of business transactions and support your goals. Explore how our solutions can help simplify your operations and achieve success.

Discover why 2flush is your ideal partner in Asia. Our strategic locations in Vietnam and China, a strong local network and a local team we offer insights, advice and support. Read more…

International trade assistance, product marketing, and quality control. Our services cover all your business needs in Asia. How can we cater to your specific requirements? Read more…

At 2flush, we believe in the power of collaboration. Learn about our exclusive products and global partnerships that extend our reach and enhance our capabilities to helping your business. Read more…

Product Photography and videography, packaging and marketing design and branding and LED display solutions. Our office hosts MBloq Studios in China, Vietnam. Visit here…

2flush B2B Solutions in Vietnam and China

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Add value to your products locally in China and Vietnam

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Consolidate all your purchasing projects through 1 channel. All your communication with a single point of contact (SPOC) and all your invoicing and administration done through 1 entity. Clean, transparent and lean in cost and maintenance 

Audit your factories, check your products’ quality before and during production or before shipment. Our network of qualified agents and testing laboratories help you to avoid issues. Peace of mind, safe investments

Produce your own retail packaging and get marketing material done before your warehouses are filled. For all your product photography and videography, 3D rendering and modelling and retail point-of-sale (POS) material. We host studios of www.mbloq.com

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