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2flush provides trade services in China and Vietnam from the very start of your commercial activities in these markets. Below an overview of what we can do to help your company
International Commerce Services

At 2flush we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to support every aspect of international commerce. We specialize in streamlining your business operations across Asia and beyond. Whether it involves procurement support, navigating market entry strategies, or local presence, we are here for you. We can enhance your brand visibility and sales activities through participation in exhibitions and marketing events. Acting as your local representatives, we engage directly with markets and customers to increase your brand’s reach and impact.

2flush Trade Services in China and Vietnam
2flush Trade Services in China and Vietnam
Factory Audits and Quality Control

Secure the quality and integrity of your products with our factory audit and quality control services. 2flush utilizes a wide network of auditors and QC agents across China, Vietnam and other Asian countries. With this we are capable of conducting thorough inspections on demand. Each audit yields an extensive report that details the agent’s findings, accompanied by supporting images of the products and the premises. Tailored to meet specific client needs, our services can be customized to include particular inspection criteria, ensuring your standards are met with precision.

Marketing and Visual Services

For specialised marketing services including product photography, 3D rendering, videography, and other creative solutions, consider our dedicated brand, MBloq. Located in Ho Chi Minh City and Guangzhou, MBloq’s Creative Studios deliver top-tier marketing services right from the heart of Asia’s manufacturing hubs. This proximity to production sites guarantees rapid turnaround times, enabling clients to have their marketing materials prepared even before their products arrive in warehouses. Explore how MBloq can transform your product presentations and elevate your market impact.

Global Network and Partnerships

Our extensive network of international partners significantly enhances our service delivery. This allows you to maintain a competitive edge in rapidly evolving markets. This strategic connectivity ensures that your operations are efficient and your market presence is robust, effectively supporting your expansion objectives.

2flush Trade Services in China and Vietnam

By partnering with 2flush, you gain access to a team that deeply understands the intricacies of Asian markets and has the expertise and resources reduce obstacles. Our strategic locations, combined with a comprehensive suite of services and a commitment to quality, give you a priceless peace of mind while saving time and money. 

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